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En alianza con ADP, Safety Tax desarrolló un área específica para apoyar a nuestros clientes en esta área y así facilitar la vida de los administradores.
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How does Safety Tax help?

Safety Payroll was the first company proudly chosen by ADP as the official ADP Whole Seller and offer to all our clients across the nation. This help us provide the best service and prices for the small and medium companies' payroll processing.

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Payroll Processing

If you are hiring us to process your payroll, we will certainly be doing everything we know to do, fulfill the main purpose of this service, that is, process the payroll and thus ensure that your employees are paid on the correct date and based on the salary rates entered and the hours worked by each employee.

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Wage Tax

A great advantage of using a SAFETY PAYROLL payroll service is our greatest concern with your company's payroll tax responsibilities. Based on each paycheck, we make sure that federal and state taxes according to the state where your company is registered are withheld as required

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We also help you with

New Hiring Reports

Each time you hire a new employee, you are required to report this information to the state where the hire is being made. SAFETY PAYROLL offers this service for your company to be in compliance with the competent state agencies.
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Employee Payment Types

With SAFETY PAYROLL, you can pay all types of employees, from full- and part-time W-2 employees as well as 1099 contractors, including consultants and freelancers. treating each type of employee in the same way in terms of payment and reporting.
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Customer Support

Using any investment losses you may have to offset your investment gains each year — a technique called "tax-loss harvesting" — can help reduce your income tax liability. And, if your investment losses exceed your gains, you can use them to offset up to $3,000 of earned income each year as well, with additional losses carried forward to future tax years. For higher-earning investors, a higher long-term capital gains tax rate plus the additional net investment income tax of 3.8% that became effective in 2013 can make "tax-loss harvesting" even more valuable.
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