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Business Startup

If you’re starting up, our corporate tax team can help you structure your business’s taxes effectively and help you manage any employment tax issues, including employee share schemes.


With over 20 experts working with clients in all the lower 48 states, our accounting services are tried, tested and backed with years of experience. We provide a blend of expertise, making us a go-to solution for bookkeeping requirements both domestically and internationally.

Payroll Processing

Safety Payroll can provide you the flexibility to keep control of your payroll and taxes. We are committed to providing you with an efficient and accurate services, keep your business compliant and empower your staff.

Sales Tax Declaration

If your company faces the daily challenges of centralizing its tax obligations on a single platform and, thus, obtaining flexibility and dynamism to accompany the growth that is present in the entire American retail chain, surely you have found the right tool for your needs.

Tax Return Preparation

At Safety Tax, we are specialized in IRS tax resolution for both businesses and individuals. We understand tax laws and have the necessary expertise to represent taxpayers before the IRS.

Tax Resolution

Contrary to what people believe, collections actions taken by states to claim unpaid debt are more aggressive than those taken by the IRS. If you are facing state tax collections actions, please consult us ASAP and we will help you avoid the serious consequences.

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Everything You Need to Know About an Offshore Company

An offshore company is defined as a company that is incorporated in a jurisdiction that is other than where the beneficial owner resides. In other words, an offshore company is simply a company that is incorporated in a country overseas, in a foreign jurisdiction.