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Time to get your taxes done right.

Safety Tax offers you a tax consultancy service that can be punctual or monthly in order to help you have fewer worries as a taxpayer.
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How does Safety Tax help?

Have a dedicated tax team that can help you complete all tax returns accurately and on time. From compliance to growth and tax-effective strategies, our experience covers the whole realm of tax-associated accounting and business advisory.

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EzControl ERP 

The best management software where you will be able to control all day-to-day of your company, from accounts payable, accounts receivable, inventory management, and issuance of invoices, in short, a complete tool to assist you in the day-to-day management of your company.

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The most practical and fast software for the preparation and electronic signature of documents where you can prepare your contracts, quotes, or even any other document that you think is necessary for your signature as well as the signature of your customers

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Now that you already have a control software for your business and Ez2Sign to generate your electronic documents, you will be able to use the most powerful electronic and encrypted Document Management software on the market, in addition to being able to keep all the documents in your company safe, being able to share them with whoever you want because with Encrypfile, the control of your company's electronic documents is in your hands, and not flying in any cloud out there.

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We help you strategize…

Contribute to Tax-Efficient Accounts

Take advantage of tax-efficient retirement accounts for which you're eligible to help reduce current and/or future taxes.

Diversify Your Account Types

Using a combination of investment account types lets you mix and match income sources in retirement to help minimize your taxes.

Choose Tax-Efficient Investments

Specific investments can carry tax benefits, as well. For instance, income earned from municipal bonds is generally tax-free at the federal level and, in some cases, at the state and local levels, too.

Flexible work terms

Take advantage of tax-efficient retirement accounts for which you're eligible to help reduce current and/or future taxes.

Hold Investments Longer to Avoid Unnecessary Capital Gains

It's rarely worth holding a stock you want to sell just to avoid taxes, with one exception. Profit on shares held within one year is taxed at the normal income tax rate, while profits on shares held over one year are taxed at the long-term capital gains rate. Currently, most investors are 15% and top-income earners are 20%. As a result, it may make sense to defer the sale of valuable stock until it is subject to long-term capital gains processing. Always ask your tax accountant about this.

Harvest Losses to Offset Gains

Using investment losses that may have to be offset against return on investment  each year (a technique called "tax-loss harvesting") helps reduce income tax liabilities. Also, if your investment losses outweigh your profits, you can use them to offset your income of up to $ 3,000 each year and carry forward any additional losses to future tax years. For high-income investors, in addition to the higher long-term capital gains tax rate, the additional 3.8% capital gains tax that came into effect in 2013 could make the harvest of tax losses even more valuable.

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