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Tax Advice Services

Everyone knows that the American tax laws present a great complexity which makes it almost impossible to be in compliance with them without a professional who is side by side with you throughout the year and above all when filing your tax return. income and that of your company because, even with the best of intentions, you may come to receive a penalty from the IRS
With that in mind, SAFETY TAX offers you a tax consultancy service that can be punctual or monthly in order to help you have fewer worries as a taxpayer.

Tax Planning

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Do not underestimate the power of good accounting and quality records. Poor accounting generally leads to lost deductions so plan for your company to have monthly accounting and thus be ahead when it comes to planning your tax obligations
At SAFETY TAX, our clients' tax planning is proactive because we have an excellent team of accountants to present the monthly bookkeeping and thus have sufficient subsidies to provide good tax planning.

Think Ahead

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Do not wait until the last minute to ask for help and above all, do not believe that doing the accounting annually instead of monthly will help you in something when the subject is TAX PLANNING.
Think ahead and above all, prepare yourself monthly to present your information to our accounting department as this will certainly make your tax life when the time comes to present your income tax less stressful and above all, help to avoid fines and interest for delays in delivering it to the IRS.