SAFETY PAYROLL was the first company chosen by ADP as the official ADP Whole Seller what gives us the privilege to work under the ADP brand and offer to all our clients across the nation what is the best service and prices for the small and medium companies payroll processing.


We make your human resources area easier.
We know that managing a company is not an easy task because when it comes to managing, there are many variables and the daily challenges are countless. With that in mind, SAFETY TAX developed, in partnership with ADP, a specific area to support our customers in this area and thus make the life of administrators easier.
When it comes to Human Resource, do not double twice, Talk to us as we will certainly have the right solution for your needs.

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At SAFETY PAYROLL, we do everything to ensure that your company's payrolls are processed quickly and perfectly, so that your efforts to attract, hire, engage, and retain great employees are not hampered.

When hiring our services, we will be in the foreground, analyzing the entire human resources internal process of your company and once our due diligence is carried out, our team of Human Resource consultants will be able to present you with the best business plan and proposal for work that effectively meets your needs and therefore your expectations.
Remember, when thinking about Payroll and Human Resources, don't think twice, talk to SAFETY PAYROLL!

If you are hiring us to process your payroll, we will certainly be doing everything we know to do, fulfill the main purpose of this service, that is, process the payroll and thus ensure that your employees are paid on the correct date and based on the salary rates entered and the hours worked by each employee.
A great advantage of using a SAFETY PAYROLL payroll service is our greatest concern with your company's payroll tax responsibilities. Based on each paycheck, we make sure that federal and state taxes according to the state where your company is registered are withheld as required
Each time you hire a new employee, you are required to report this information to the state where the hire is being made. SAFETY PAYROLL offers this service for your company to be in compliance with the competent state agencies.
With SAFETY PAYROLL, you can pay all types of employees, from full- and part-time W-2 employees as well as 1099 contractors, including consultants and freelancers. treating each type of employee in the same way in terms of payment and reporting.
SAFETY PAYROLL offers you, a variety of customer support options. With some, you have a dedicated support representative assigned to your company. This is your go-to person for any issue that requires a call. Other payroll services just have a general support number that you call for help. Talk to one of our Consultants to see what will be the best option for your company's needs.