Every entrepreneur wants his company to grow in an organized way, having all his commitments to customers, suppliers, and their employees properly controlled and up to date. To achieve the highest levels of control and organization, SAFETY TAX offers all our customers, in partnership with EzControl, a powerful business management software, which is the most modern in terms of management software and, thus, us online and on time, all the necessary information so that we can prepare the bookkeeping of our customers in an accurate and fast way, being able to be always ahead in meeting their expectations, preparing not only the Financial Statement but also, an analysis of CashFlow instantaneous thus providing a better understanding of the current status of your company's finances.

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Why don't you take the same decision that more than 3500 entrepreneurs across the nation like you have already done, deciding for SAFETY TAX as your bookkeeping and tax office for your business!

Safety Tax has an entire Division of bookkeepers, specialized in Rental Properties Management companies who need specific bookkeeping, organized by class and use, according to the numbers of houses they are working with. This focus allows us to concentrate solely on providing specifical financial statements for real estate investors and rental property owners.
Doing your own bookkeeping for a store can be stressful and you can incur errors that cost much more than you can imagine, as the process involves tracking sales, expenses payable, receivables, and inventory as well. At Safety Tax, we understand that and that's the reason why we provide our clients the best they can have from elsewhere.
If you have a service company and are looking for a bookkeeping company that can manage your books with confidence and professionalism, count on Safety Tax. Our team is prepared to take care of your accounting books, recording all your business movements in a simple but complete and accurate way. Count on us, With more than 3500 in all American states, we are well aware of what bookkeeping means in its essence.
If you have an industry, whether small or medium, and you need a system that helps you control the entire production cycle, raw material management, production orders, and stock of products for sale, and in addition, everything is directly connected to your system accounting, SAFETY TAX through the partnership with EzControl System management can offer you all this and much more. A whole team of bookkeepers and tax preparers are always ready to assist you in your company's bureaucratic needs. SAFETY TAX You and your company are safe here!.
Do you work for yourself and have to take care of several clients at the same time? Have you considered the fact that you as a person and you as a service provider are two different activities and therefore should be controlled in order to be aware of your tickets, expenses and thus know exactly what to declare when the Tax Season next year arrives? With all that in mind, SAFETY TAX offers you a simple but complete accounting system when it comes to managing your tickets and thus being able to make regular payments to the IRS. Talk to us today and get to know our solutions for Sub-contractors like you.