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O que é um Agente Registrado?

Um Agente Registrado é um Agente “Terceiro”, ou seja, uma pessoa ou empresa fisicamente localizada no estado em que sua empresa está registrada, disponível para as autoridades durante o horário comercial e que aceitará todos os documentos apresentados pelos Tribunais, pela Secretaria de Estado, o Departamento de Estado e outras entidades do governo federal que possam precisar entrar em contato com você.

Using somebody or a company as your Registered Agent!

Make sure that, before you decide to use somebody like a member of a family, friend or even a Company, make sure you are covered by documents that allow you to use them as your Registered Agent to avoid hard time and lawsuit. Tak to us. Our Customer Service Team are ready to help you with this matter!

**Heads up
Never use a person or company as your Registered Agent without their written consent under contract as this will be treated as a FALSE IDENTITY CRIME AND MORAL DAMAGES, and there will be legal consequences to you and your company, and financial compensation to be paid to the person or company that feels wronged.

False Identification Crime Control

The False Identification Crime Control Act of 1982, Public Law 97-398, 96 Stat. 2009 (approved December 31, 1982) was the culmination of a ten-year legislative process to improve federal criminal statutes relating to the false identification problem. It was the outgrowth of a comprehensive study on the criminal use of false identification made by the Justice Department sponsored Federal Advisory Committee on False Identification (FACFI) in the mid-1970s. The Department of Justice strongly supported the legislative effort. The False Identification Crime Control Act created two new statutes: (1) 18 U.S.C. § 1028, entitled “Fraud and related activity in connection with identification documents,” which deals with governmental identification documents; and (2) 18 U.S.C. § 1738, entitled “Mailing private identification documents without a disclaimer,” which deals with non-governmental identification documents.

Be aware about your company obligations!

What does a Registered Agent do?

A Registered Agent will accept documents on behalf of your company, ensuring that you will not lose any important information in connection with paying taxes or any possible lawsuits that may be taking place with or against your company. A Registered Agent may or may not have an official managerial position within your company. In the case of SAFETY TAX, we do not and will not offer this option to participate in the business of our clients’ companies as we understand that this would be a conflict of interest in relation to our professional activities.

Why is it important to have a registered agent?

The state in which your business is registered needs to know that there is a contact person available so that they can be contacted Monday through Friday during business hours. If you do not have a person who is physically located in the state of Florida or even a company that can provide you with this service, the requirement is especially important for you to have a Registered Agent in the state to receive and accept official documents on behalf of your company.

Can you be your own Registered Agent?

While you can be your own registered agent, it is typically not recommended. Many states recommend that companies choose third parties to take on this important role. By having someone responsible for receiving all these documents, you can be confident that they will be received. You also do not need to be available from Monday to Friday, during business hours, every day of the year in which it is applicable to receive these documents since as it is a company, it will be open commercially during business days. weekly.

What are the other benefits of having a registered third-party agent?

In addition to not having to worry about losing important documents, having a Registered Agent (a company) also means that you are less likely to accept “Legal Documents” that you do not really need to accept or that have been sent to you in error, such as for example the official statements that come with these documents such as “When signing these documents, it is your duty to ensure that the proper recipient receives them, whether it is you or another person connected with the company you represent”.

What if I don’t designate a Registered Agent?

A company that does not have a Registered Agent runs the risk of not being in “Good Standing” with the state in which it is registered and therefore registered incorrectly. Because of this, you run the risk of incurring fines and the state may even put your business into an “inactive” status. While in an inactive status, your business is technically closed for all government bodies and to reopen it will have relatively high costs.

If I designate a Registered Agent, do I have to have a contract with them?

Yes, when it comes to hiring a person or company to be the Registered Agent for your company in the state where it is registered, it is recommended that you have a duly signed document, electronically or otherwise, confirming the Registered Agent’s powers and obligations as well as your obligations as a business owner.

**Remember, the role of Registered Agent is a regularized service and should only be performed by persons or companies that are duly recognized and proven to be resident or established in the state where your company is registered and that is available from Monday to Friday, during business hours to be contacted by any legal authorities i.e. Legal Courts, Government and Federal Entities

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