Accounting Case Study 3

Accounting & Bookkeeping for Multi-Unit & Franchise Business


Running a business has never been an easy task, right? Now imagine managing multiple locations without the tools and, above all, the right methodology, it certainly makes things a lot more complicated as you will have the same responsibilities for each location and each one directly affects the financial results of your entire operation. If you're part of a franchise concept, there's, even more, to think about!

Each financial transaction is accounted for

Registering accounts and daily transactions in your ledger is a tedious and never-ending process, however, this task must be done daily because transactional information is actually the basis of your financial records.

SAFETY TAX, through the Ezcontrol system, the most powerful and innovative business management software on the market, will configure and manage your entire back-office system, through a modern cloud-based concept, where the accounting part will be dealt with directly and as an integral part, thus ensuring that all your transactions are not only imported into accounting but also recorded in a timely manner.

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