Bookkeeping for Property Management Companies

With a client portfolio of approximately 200 companies dedicated to the Property Management segment, SAFETY TAX created a specific department for this business activity, thus transforming us into specialists in the Real Estate Investment segment, real estate administrators and real estate brokers. Whether you manage dozens or even thousands of single-family properties, we certainly have a scalable accounting plan tailored to your company's needs.
Spend more time growing your business, let us accurately manage the monthly accounting of your properties.

Bookkeeping for Rental Properties and Real Estate

Whether you still enter your expense or income data manually or continue to work with excel spreadsheets to connect your company's management software data to the accounting software, you no longer have to suffer because now, you can ignore this tedious part of your day to day task and focus on what is most important, ie your business. SAFETY TAX, through EzControl Business Management Software, which you can also use to manage your company if you wish, will be connecting both your bank accounts as well as your current property management software bringing all this information to an accounting platform where our team of bookkeepers is processing the monthly bookkeeping of your company almost in real-time so that, from the turn of the month, make available to you all the Financial Reports of your company and the houses it manages, unified or categorized by classes, for your analysis and final approval.


Our experience covers the whole realm of tax associated accounting, and business advisory, starting from compliance to growth and tax-effective strategies

Tailored solution for your company

Tired of spending your time on day-to-day business accounting, bookkeeping, and financial management? Our team of bookkeepers is ready to assist you. Each of our team members averages a minimum of 15 years in business, working with EzControl and all other major accounting applications. We will create a customized and affordable bookkeeping solution for you and your business.

Get ready for improvement!

Free up your valuable time today. Operate more efficiently and put your effort into growing the business instead of managing day-to-day finances. Take advantage of advanced business intelligence, analytics, key performance indicator (KPI) reporting, and analysis to identify areas for growth and savings. Our team of financial professionals and analysts is able to identify business strengths and weaknesses and, as per your request, present strategies for improving your business performance. Don't think twice, Get started with a profit-focused accounting and bookkeeping company that will be customized to meet your exact needs.

Financial reports for your entire company by class

When you operate several units, you will certainly need an accounting that can demonstrate in the Financial Reports, the specific income and expenses of each unit and in some situations for each of your business units, divide these financial operations into classes aiming at a better understanding and why not, a better comparison between units within a given class of expense or income. SAFETY TAX uses accounting and administration techniques, aiming to present its organized accounting data and in this way, being able to give you an immediate analysis tool, properly structured so that you can identify how each unit compares to the others and affects your business generally.


With more than 20 offices across the nation and overseas, SAFETY TAX has become the largest Tax and Bookkeeping Company in the United States, offering our services to a portfolio of more than 3,500 clients.

If you are a bookkeeper planning to retire or if you are a new Beginner and would like to know more about our Licensees Office to become our Next Licensee, leave us a message and one of our Business Consultant will be please to explain to you our way of work. Safety Tax takes an individualized approach to each and every one of our Licensees, in order to optimize the experience for everyone with who we come in contact.

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