Accounting & Bookkeeping for Multi-Unit & Franchise Business

Running a business has never been an easy task, right? Now imagine managing multiple locations without the tools and, above all, the right methodology, it certainly makes things a lot more complicated as you will have the same responsibilities for each location and each one directly affects the financial results of your entire operation. If you're part of a franchise concept, there's, even more, to think about!

Accounting & Bookkeeping for Multi-Unit & Franchise Business

Each financial transaction is accounted for Registering accounts and daily transactions in your ledger is a tedious and never-ending process, however, this task must be done daily because transactional information is actually the basis of your financial records. SAFETY TAX, through the Ezcontrol system, the most powerful and innovative business management software on the market, will configure and manage your entire back-office system, through a modern cloud-based concept, where the accounting part will be dealt with directly and as an integral part, thus ensuring that all your transactions are not only imported into accounting but also recorded in a timely manner.


Our experience covers the whole realm of tax associated accounting, and business advisory, starting from compliance to growth and tax-effective strategies

Intercompany transactions and expense allocation

With multiple locations, it is normal that there may be a time when financial transactions may exist between two different locations. If you are making centralized purchases in a single business unit and later transferring part of this goods from one business unit to another, or even transferring monetary resources, all these movements must be registered in both units and for that, SAFETY TAX will be attentive to that these transactions are carried out correctly in terms of inventory, financial and, above all, accounting and tax.

Financial reports for your entire company by class

When you operate several units, you will certainly need an accounting that can demonstrate in the Financial Reports, the specific income and expenses of each unit and in some situations for each of your business units, divide these financial operations into classes aiming at a better understanding and why not, a better comparison between units within a given class of expense or income. SAFETY TAX uses accounting and administration techniques, aiming to present its organized accounting data and in this way, being able to give you an immediate analysis tool, properly structured so that you can identify how each unit compares to the others and affects your business generally.

Payroll for Multi Units

Payroll for each unit SAFETY TAX, in partnership with ADP, the largest payroll management company in the United States, will be able to manage all payroll processing and registration, including tax reporting, employee tracking and reporting, employee payments (direct deposit or paper check), reports of new hires and PTO calculations. Our system, through the integration of integrated point control elements (EzClockin) and ADP RunPayroll, will allow each unit or franchise location to have its own payroll diaries that must be maintained accurately. If you have employees who work in more than one location, we will ensure that they are reported at the correct cost center for each unit or time sharing between two or more business units.

Sales Tax Declaration

If your company faces the daily challenges of centralizing its tax obligations on a single platform and, thus, obtaining flexibility and dynamism to accompany the growth that is present in the entire American retail chain, surely you have found the right tool for your needs.

Accurate inventory adjustments

Counting inventory can be a painful process. Registering the count adjustments in your ledger can take even longer! SAFETY TAX, through a specific methodology for inventory accounting analysis is able to promote monthly inventory assessments of each of its locations to update the inventory and cost of products sold (COGS) for you!

Tax Return Preparation

At Safety Tax, we are specialized in IRS tax resolution for both businesses and individuals. We understand tax laws and have the necessary expertise to represent taxpayers before the IRS.

Tax Resolution

Contrary to what people believe, collections actions taken by states to claim unpaid debt are more aggressive than those taken by the IRS. If you are facing state tax collections actions, please consult us ASAP and we will help you avoid the serious consequences.


With more than 20 offices across the nation and overseas, SAFETY TAX has become the largest Tax and Bookkeeping Company in the United States, offering our services to a portfolio of more than 3,500 clients.

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