Important Business Dates and Deadlines

Be aware of important dates and deadlines to your business and tax obligations.

  1. Anual Report
    From 1º January through 30º April
  2. Business Tax License
    From 1º September through 30º September
  3. Tangible Personal Tax
    1º March
  4. Corporation Income Tax - 1120
    From 1º January through 15º March
  5. Partnership Tax Return - 1065
    From 1º January through 15º April
  6. Personal Tax Return - 1040
    From 1º January through 15º April
  7. Sales Tax & Waste Fee
    From 1º January through 20º day of the following month
  8. 941 and VCT-6 (< $2,500.00 Quarterly)
    • 1º Quarter - 1º through 30º April
    • 2º Quarter - 1º through 31º July
    • 3º Quarter - 1º through 31º October
    • 4º Quarter - 1º through 31º January
  9. 941 (> $ 2,500.00 Monthly Payment)
    From 1º January through 15º day of the following month
  10. 940
    From 1º January through 31º of the following year.

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Since 2008 we have been experienced their professionalism and wonderful relationship. Each team member understands businesses point of view and knows how to translate us Government regulations easily. They are always one step ahead of business obligations. Yet the coffee is delicious!

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